We do not follow the market, we are ahead of it

Our Core Values


High quality service is the foundation on which Satellite Estate business is built.  We offer only the best: extensive knowledge, professional recommendations and premium service.
We value our clients and strive to provide them with top quality service from start to finish.


Even in economically difficult periods, our knowledge of the specifics of the market and the expectations of its participants helped our clients to get the best results. Our real estate consultants are experienced in the international market and are familiar with the intricacies of Indonesian real estate. Our consultants are equipped to provide clients with the best service regardless of market variables. We do not follow the market, but are ahead of it.

Market Research

Satellite Estate takes pride in its constant monitoring of real estate markets and places great emphasis on research. Our Analytic Department monitors major trends in the market and issues monthly, quarterly, and annual reviews to our clients. 

Our Team

Satellite Estate is an investments agency with 8 years of experience. During this time, our primary objective has been to focus on the most profitable markets. For this reason, we are currently offering properties in Indonesia (Bali). Our team consists of professionals who have gained invaluable experience while conducting some of the most complex and unique transactions on the Indonesian market. Our experience in the international market allows us to provide unsurpassed opportunities to our clients, including residential real estate, investment, and consulting. Some of our previous clients include international diplomatic services, government organizations, banks, and non-profit organizations. We carefully screen our partners to ensure a stable and reliable relationship. Only companies with well-established and transparent business practices are considered for partnership

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