Top 4 Reasons for the Investment Tourism Boom in Bali

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Top 4 reasons for the boom in investment tourism in Bali

Investment tourism in Bali is one of the most popular investment destinations in Indonesia. As tourism in Bali continues to boom, so does the national economy. The Indonesian economy is the largest in Southeast Asia and one of the key emerging economies in the world. Indonesia is defined as a newly industrialized country.
In terms of real GDP, the Indonesian economy ranks 7th in the world. Indonesia is among the TOP 10 countries in the world according to experts for profitable investment in 2022. The influx of tourists to Bali is quite stable, with 4-6 million tourists visiting Bali annually.
In this article we have listed the main reasons why investment tourism in Bali continues to flourish.

Stable political situation

Political stability is essential for investment. Countries with a stable political environment tend to attract more tourists. Indonesia is notable for its political stability. The state allocates serious budgets to maintain the status of a politically neutral country, a country where every resident,
regardless of citizenship, you will feel safe. For non-compliance with the rules of peaceful residence, violators will inevitably face deportation.

Natural and national resources

Indonesia is undoubtedly a blessed country. Its land is dotted with forests, savannas, diverse wildlife, unique culture and other valuable resources. Being part of the amazing Indonesian archipelago, Bali is also blessed with these resources. There are many attractions you can choose from, ranging from beaches,
mountains and ending with cultural events.

Bali is a small island that can give you a complete and unforgettable vacation. Bali has it all – from diving to hiking, from shopping to experiencing a new culture. What is even more impressive is that the pristine nature is still preserved here.
Many of the attractions you knew about are actually just the tip of the iceberg. Thanks to this, Bali continues to develop, and that is why tourists never get bored visiting the Island of the Gods.

Sustainable infrastructure development

Infrastructure is also an important factor when it comes to effective investment. Previously, Bali was known only as a land of rice plantations, but now the island is filled with world-class infrastructure such as an airport and highways. The local government is actively investing in infrastructure development,
thus stimulating tourist flow.

According to the latest data, 14 infrastructure projects have been approved in Bali in 2020-2024. Some of them are the Gilimanuk-Denpasar highway and drinking water supply system, Paramaunt Pictures amusement park, new airport, tourist boat pier and much more.
The local government has allocated a budget of IDR 2.058 trillion, 30% of APBN, for these projects, and foreign investors are also actively involved in infrastructure development.

Multicultural society

At all times, Bali has been known as a resort attracting tourists from all over the world. Not only local residents, but also foreign travelers flock to the island. You can easily experience completely different cultures just by walking the streets of Bali. Cultural integration in Bali is happening everywhere,
as the Balinese people themselves are very hospitable and welcome the expat community. This gives Bali a special charm that cannot be found in other places.

In conclusion, it must be added that one of the key parameters ensuring stable growth for Indonesia is the fact that the country has a strategic location,
it runs along the main seas (Pacific and Indian Oceans), which is an extremely promising direction for business development, especially in the tourism sector. Bali has a stable political environment that provides a safe holiday and accommodation for travelers, locals or expats alike.
As a result, investment tourism in Bali continues to flourish, delivering an average return on investment of 20% or more. This is not all that Indonesia, and in particular the island of Bali, attracts and ensures its development and investment efficiency.

If you have any questions regarding an investment option, do not hesitate to contact us. Our consultants will be happy to help you.

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